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Flamingo Spotting

IMG_7955.jpgIMG_7962.jpg153ccf09-1615-4936-bbd2-3efc6ddc8aa9img_7841img_7847img_7856img_7885img_7896img_7901img_7951img_7953img_7954An hour and a half drive out of Merida is the remote Celestun.

Arriving at the tour centre, a boat was paid for and we immediately walked down the pier and jumped into the vessel. Speeding out into the mangroves of Mexico was an incredible experience. The sky was blue and the water was as flat as ever. We speed through the water to come to a halt as we approached the stars of the tour…flamingos!

In a massive pack the pink birds contrasted with the water exceptionally, quacking noisily away (I’m not sure what noise I was expecting them to make…?). We were lucky as many more continued to fly in to join the pack ,not turned off by us visitors. Such a cool sight to see.

After we soaked in the rays and our surroundings, we sped off further into the mangroves. This part of the tour was unexpected where we seemed to squeeze through a jungle passage way and float amongst trees and now red water. Apparently this is because of the leaves on the trees falling into the water and dyeing it. It was such an unusual sight to see. Definitely made for an interesting photo!

Next, we pulled up to a board walk where we disembarked and walked a brief distance. We were allowed to swim in the red water, but if the colour of the water wasn’t off-putting enough we were told to be careful of the alligators. I’m not usually a wimp, but I didn’t feel ย like taking my chances!!

I highly recommend this activity. The photos I had researched certainly showed more flamingos than I saw, but check the ideal month before taking the trip. I was on the back end of the viewing season, but I can’t wait to go back to see the hundreds of them gathered on the islands!

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